About us
Lingke Tede Electrical System has always been committed to providing customers with solutions and manufacturing for connection systems, focusing on wire harness processing and connector solutions, and continuously contributing to the development of customers.
In 2021, we successfully obtained IATF16949 certification, taking our capabilities to the next level and better serving automotive customers.
Technical personnel with over 20 years of experience in cable component design and manufacturing, understanding the application and performance of various cable components, quickly responding to customer needs, and having a short sample lead time; Quotation for 3 days, sample delivery time of 2 weeks.
The team members are all from well-known foreign wire harness companies, focusing on wire harness research and development and production. We can cooperate with customers to continuously improve and optimize the wiring harness, ensuring stable product quality.
corporate culture

Our vision: a supplier of connected system solutions and services!
Our mission: To create value for customers!
Company Qualifications

IATF16949 certification